Polonnaruwa Sri Lanka‘s medieval capital was established as the city of the land in 11 th century A.D.
Polonnaruwa replaced Anuradhapura as the capital city of Sri Lanka , viagra 100mg Because of the invasion of south India .

It was the capital of Sri Lanka from 11 AD to 13 AD. The important kings of, buy more about Polannaruwa period are, help King Wijayabahu the first, King Maha Parakramabahu the first and King Nissankamalla.

When the South Indian Kings ruling the country, the Prince called Keerthi of the Sri Lanka formed an army and came to attack. The South Indian King who occupied Anuradhapura . He defeated the South Indian King and become the King of Sri Lanka as Wijebahu the First. He did not have time to develop the country but he united the country. Later the King had chance to the develop the country Wijebahu built his palace In Anuradhapura and he shifted the capital to Polonnaruwa.

During Polonnaruwa period lot of developments took place. in irrigation paddy cultivation and agricultural Products.

Because of this foreign trade was done between South Asia , Arab and China . The most important King during this period was King Maha Parakramabahu the first he ruled tire country from 1153 AD to 1186 AD. During his period he built 165 dams 3000 canals, 163 major and 2376 minor tanks. Of all these the biggest tank was Parakrama Samadra. He was very interested in irrigation work and architecture. He united Sri Lanka in 1153 AD. He died in 1186 AD. After his death the Sinhalese kingdom began to break n due to civil war and foreign attacks. At the end of 13 century the glory of Sri Lanka faded. For 70 years Sri Lanka was ruled by Cholas from South India

During the period of three Kings Buddhism was unified and helped the Sanga to perform Katikawatha at Gal Vihara. The three Kings built monuments such as Ata dagbe Wata dagbe, Hata Dage. Thuparama, Nissankalatha mandapaya, Lankathilaka, Manik Vihara, Kiri Vehera, Gal Vihara, – Rankoth Vihara, Thivanka Pilimage, Pabalu Vehera, Siva Devala, Sath Mahal prasadaya and Demala Maha Seya.In the North Central Province , this Sacred City s was once the Capital of Sri Lanka. Here too, are the ruins of ancient Sinhala civilization – giant statues and dagobas, built by the kings of our country. The Kin Vehera, a white stone dagoba of imposing height is just one of the many tributes to the Buddhist faith. A beautiful inland tank abounds with bird life. At the Gal Vihara you will see three unique pieces of Buddhist statuary and in the hush of the giant trees, the huge form of the Reclining Buddha reminds one to tread softly in this holy place. Apart from this Museum at Polonnaruwa exhibits well preserved ancient ruins.

This city was considered the medieval capital of Sri Lanka . Though smaller in scope, it is said to be aesthetically superior to Anuradhapura . The ruins of palaces, shrines, temples and dagobas (shrines) built by King Parakrama Bahu the Great, whose statue stands sentinel over the 5,940 acre Parakrama Samudra or ” Sea of Parakrama “, are as fascinating as the history they unfold.




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Anuradhapura Ruins (Archeological sites) NO YES NO NO About 05 hours
Sri Maha Bodiya (Tree) NO YES NO NO About ½ hours
Isuruminiya Viharaya (Rock Temple) NO YES NO NO About ½ hours
Mihintale Monastery & Rock NO YES NO NO About 02 hours
Polonnaruwa Ruins (Archeological sites) NO YES NO NO About 04 hours
Sigiriya Lion Rock Fortress NO YES NO NO About 03 hours
Dambulla Buddhist Golden Temple (approx. walking 01 hour) NO YES NO NO About 01 hour
Habarana Elephant Back Safari NO NO NO YES About 01 hour
Minneriya National Park by Jeep NO YES NO YES About 05 hours
Visit Kandalama Lake YES NO NO YES About 1 ½ hour
Village tour by Bullock Cart. YES NO NO YES About 1 ½ hour
Visit of a Technical tour to Herbal & Spice Garden YES NO NO NO About 1 ½ hour
Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage NO YES YES NO About 1 ½ hour