National Park

The jungles of Sri Lanka abound in a variety of wildlife, prescription which is surprising for an island of its size in the tropics.From ancient days the elephants and peacock from the Sri Lankan jungles were prize exports to the Kingdoms of East and West.But apart from these well known examples of the fauna, site a visit to the Sri Lankan jungles is to enter a whole new world where nature has largely stayed still.


The park stretches along the coast east of Hambantota, there with a scrub jungle bordering the sea. The beach acts as an important nesting site for…



This park covers 30,821 hectares of land. It mainly consists of abandoned teak plantations, grassland and scrub jungle.
It’s inhabitants are elephants, spotted deer, sambhur, water buffaloes, mongoose, bandicoots, foxes,…



This National Park comprises an area of 1300 square km (500 squre miles). It is one of the island’s best known and biggest wildlife reserves. It is divided into…


National Parks in Sri Lanka

Name of Protected Area Land Area in Hectares Established
Wilpattu National Park 131,693.9 02.25.1938
Somawathiya Chaitiya National Park 37,762.2 09.02.1986
Floodplains National Park 17,350.4 08.07.1984
Wasgomuwa National Park 36,948.0 08.07.1984
Maduru Oya National Park 58,849.8 11.09.1983
Gal Oya National Park 25,900.0 02.12.1954
Lahugala Kitulana National Park 1,554.0 10.31.1980
Horton Plains National Parks 3,159.8 03.16.1988
Kumana (Yala East) National Park 18,148.2 01.02.1970
Yala (Ruhuna) National Park 103,882.9 02.25.1938
Uda Walawe National Park 30,821.0 06.30.1972

Sanctuaries and Reserves

Name of Protected Area Land Area in Hectares Established
Chundikullam Sanctuary 11,149.5 02.25.1938
Kokilai Sanctuary The whole lagoon 05.18.1951
Madhu Sanctuary 26,677.0 06.28.1968
Padaviya Sanctuary 6,475.0 06.21.1963
Yoda Weva Sanctuary 4,330.3 09.24.1954
Sober Islands Sanctuary 71.0 06.21.1963
Naval Headworks Sanctuary 18,130.0 06.21.1963
Anuradhapura Sanctuary 3,500.7 05.27.1938
Mihintale Sanctuary 999.6 05.27.1938
Seruwavila Sanctuary 15,540.0 10.09.1970
Ritigala Strict Nature Reserve 1,528.1 11.07.1941
Minneriya-Giritale Sanctuary 7,529.1 02.12.1988
Sigiriya Sanctuary 5,099.2 01.26.1990
Polonnaruwa Sanctuary 1,521.7 05.27.1938
Kegalle Kurulu-Kelle Sanctuary 113.3 03.14.1941
Kandy Uda-Watte Kelle Sanctuary 104.0 07.29.1938
Victoria-Randenigala-Rantambe Sanctuary 42,088.8 01.30.1987
Peak Wilderness (Samanala) Sanctuary 22,379.9 10.25.1940
Sinharaja Rainforest Sanctuary
Wirawila-Tissa Sanctuary 4,164.4 05.27.1938
Bundala Sanctuary 6,216.0 12.05.1969
Bellanvila-Attidiya Sanctuary 372.0 07.25.1990
Yala Strict Nature Reserve 28,905.7 03.01.1938